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“Build on your strengths, rather than trying to get a different strength” - Tai Lopez

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People are much closer to their side hustle than they think. A lot of people think that they need to acquire new skills in order to start a side hustle, but the reality is that most people already have a fantastic skill, probably several, that could be turned into a side hustle.

Today, we’re talking with Chris Guillebeau about the 3 ways you can start building a side hustle immediately. Procrastination is the killer of hopes and dreams, so there really is no reason to wait, and Chris talks us through the 3 ways that you can start earning money on your own terms today.

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“Procrastination is the killer of hopes and dreams” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Build on your strengths, rather than trying to get a different strength
  • Everyone's an expert in something, they just don’t always know it
  • Brainstorm through the things you’re good at, write them all down, to organize your potential ideas
  • Get things out in the world, even if you feel like it’s not ready, because you probably won’t ever think it’s ready
  • Procrastination is the killer of hopes and dreams
  • Some of those closest to you will become the people who mess up your world the most, because the will externalize their own paranoia
  • Don’t project your own insecurities about yourself on other people
  • If you can come up with $100, you can change your life financially
  • People are often looking for a way to remove all insecurity in their life, but that is the wrong goal
  • Understand the cycles that will always come

3 Ways the Average Person Can Start a Side Hustle

  1. Look at the skills you already have, rather trying to get a new skill
  2. Don’t just have idea, go from idea to OFFER. The promise. How will this change your life?
  3. Launch before you think you’re ready
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