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“The current education system doesn’t focus on the right things” - Tai Lopez

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Today’s educational system is not setup for people to learn in a way that will really help them in the future. Because of standardized tests, rules, and regulations, the school system actually encourages people to pump as much information as possible into their brain before a test, and then simply dump it out as soon as they are done with the test.

An educational system that would work much better would be one that focused on teaching people how to think creatively, how to have common sense, and how to have a strong work ethic.

Instead of learning how to memorize facts that anyone can pull up on their phone at a moment’s notice, we should be encouraging students to focus on the skills that will really get them far in life.

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“Think about each question from more than one perspective” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The current education system doesn’t focus on the right things
  • Even if they do focus on them, they do so in a boring way
  • The whole school system has turned into pumping info for a test, and then dumping that info after the test
  • We tend to focus on things that are easily understandable, and ignore things that are more complex
  • Think about each question from more than one perspective
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