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“Most people only make money with time, but making it with money is infinitely scaleable” - Warren Buffett

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This episode is a recounting of the notes I took at a recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting. Speaking and in attendance were Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Charlie Munger and many more, so on this episode I am going back through my notes to deliver the takeaways and key points to you.

Throughout the meeting, they got into issues like the concept of making money with money instead of time, why you should specialize, why you must be a constant, life-long learner, why good health is essential and should be a priority, as it will affect everything else that you try to do, and why you should do what you want to do NOW instead of waiting for the perfect time.

“College degrees are fine, but what are you learning RIGHT NOW?” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • One of the definitions of investing is the ability to make money with money
  • Most people only make money with time, but making it with money is infinitely scaleable
  • You have to understand the basic fundamentals before getting into advanced topics
  • You can’t be good at everything, you MUST specialize
  • Experiment, find what you’re good at, and then double down on that
  • Problems will not go away if left alone, they will only get worse
  • College degrees are fine, but what are you learning right now?
  • You don’t need a lot of wins to make a lot of money, you just need a few good ones
  • If you let your health go down, it will negatively affect the rest of what you’re trying to do
  • When you pick your career, don’t pick entirely based on money, pick based on your interest
  • Be cautious when making investments based on EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Capitalism will always hurt a few while benefitting society as a whole
  • Every type of society has pros and cons
  • Never tell anyone about your problems. 90% of people don’t care, and the other 10% that do care are glad you have them

The 7-Takeaways

  1. Focus on your circle of competence- what you KNOW you’re good at
  2. When a problem arises, in any situation, deal with it quickly
  3. A life of continuous learning is a life that’s well-lived. The more you learn the more you earn
  4. You can’t catch all the investments. Know that you will miss some, and be ok with that
  5. While you do learn new things, be sure not to unlearn the old principles
  6. Keep your physical body in good shape, otherwise it will negatively affect the rest of what you do
  7. If you have something to do, don’t wait! Age will sneak up on you
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