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“Work less, and READ MORE!” - Tai Lopez

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Understanding and getting good at reading people is one of the most essential skills you work on. It gives you instant insight into whether or not you should trust someone, what you can expect from them in terms of their character, their level of responsibility, and their tendency to come through for you on promises. Developing this skill is essential toward taking dramatic steps towards living the good life.

Today I am talking about reading people, why it’s important, what the “Dark Triad” is, why there are downsides to wealth and fame, how to know immediately if a new employee is going to suck, why bullying has such an affect on people, and why you should work less and READ MORE!

“Knowing how to read people will help you get ahead like nothing else” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • There are downsides to the things people often desire, including wealth and fame
  • Practice and learn how to read people. It’s one of the most essential things to get good at
  • Knowing how to read people will help you get ahead like nothing else
  • Reading people translates into marketing skills
  • Let new employees have the opportunity to fail early, to show you if they will perform well or not long term
  • Be very careful about people who have been bullied. It tends to turn people machiavellian
  • Social esteem is built by age 16, so those early years are extremely important for development
  • Work less, and READ MORE!
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