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“Be nice to people, but don’t be a pushover” - Tai Lopez

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Sometimes, you just need to stand up for yourself. But we’re all raised in such a way that we tend to think that it’s always wrong to stand up for ourselves, to push back, or to be confrontational in any way. The truth is that, throughout history and today, being non-confrontational has been the cause of a lot of extra suffering. So stand up for yourself to avoid additional frustration and suffering in your own life!

A good rule to keep in mind is, in every interaction with anyone, start out nice, and then reciprocate whatever they give you. So if they continue to be friendly and nice, that should be your response. But if they get aggressive, you just might have to as well.

Learn more about how to confront someone, how to stand up to bullies, and why you shouldn’t be a pushover, on this episode of the Tai Lopez Show.

“Always start nice with people, and then reciprocate whatever they give you” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Sometimes, when you help people out and they start to do well, they’re going to start to pretend they did it all by themselves
  • Always start nice with people, and then reciprocate whatever they give you
  • If you ignore being taken advantage of, people will continue to take advantage of you. It’s better to be straightforward and give them what they gave you
  • Appeal to people’s sense of justice to be more persuasive
  • Going high when other people go low does not always work
  • Be nice, but don’t be a pushover
  • Don’t get in other people’s business to break up fights, unless it’s an egregious case of bullying
  • People are always quick to forgive themselves, but will nitpick everything about you
  • Over and over throughout history, people had to stand up for themselves, and sometimes you have to today as well

“Appeal to people’s sense of justice to be more persuasive” - Tai Lopez

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