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“When you’re creative, there’s always a way to thrive.” - Tai Lopez

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Today’s episode is a mashup of several topics that all work together. I’m talking about Trump’s upcoming inauguration, the process of creating more jobs in an economy, why small businesses are responsible for the majority of both job creation as well as job destruction, how to respond to haters, as well as how Trump has responded to Alec Baldwin and SNL’s skits about him.

The circus company, Ringling Bros., just went out of business, and looking at their strategy it’s not difficult to see why: They simply didn’t innovate or stay cutting edge. Have you ever seen a viral video or social media post from them? They have the ability to create incredible content, yet they didn’t stay cutting edge enough to use it effectively.

So listen to this episode to get my roundup of thoughts on Trump’s inauguration, where jobs come from, Ringling Bros., how to respond to haters, and Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation on SNL.

“Entrepreneurs and businesses must stay on the cutting edge to stay in business.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Entrepreneurs are responsible for over 60% of jobs created. An environment that favors small business is an environment that creates jobs
  • But, on the other hand, entrepreneurs also destroy jobs, by going out of business
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses must stay on the cutting edge to stay in business
  • You can never rest on your laurels, or get cocky, or you will lose
  • The answer to more jobs is thriving companies
  • When you’re creative, there’s always a way to thrive
  • Change-up the various ways you respond to haters
  • Start out nice with every stranger you meet, and then reciprocate what they give you
  • There is power in some unpredictability
  • You shouldn’t have any opinion unless you can argue the other side as well or better than your own side

“The answer to more jobs is thriving companies.” - Tai Lopez

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