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“Common sense is not common. It’s a skill acquired by practice.” - Tai Lopez

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We throw the term “common sense” around a lot, and most people think, since it’s common, they must have it. The truth is very few people do, and those who do have acquired it through focused study and practice.

In this episode, I’m showing you the 3 character traits that will help you succeed in life. These are the three traits that will allow you to always be able to make money, always be able to find a job, and always be in high demand. Because, contrary to common perception, common sense is not very common.

“There’s a time to zone in on the details, and a time to zone out on the big picture.” - Tai Lopez

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The 3-Points:

  1. Common sense is acquired, so study and practice it. You need it, so work for it
  2. But also understand how to zone out on your entire life, to understand everything that is going on around you and take stock of your situation
  3. Have the ability to zone in on very specific problems and tasks to accomplish them

More Points to Keep In Mind

  • If all you know how to do is follow directions, your options for work and earning potential are minimal
  • Good earning potential requires creativity and initiative
  • Common sense is not common. It’s a skill acquired by practice
  • Take initiative to solve problems tenaciously, to work your way upwards in your career and life
  • When you have the 3 points above, you will always be able to make money

“There is not much of a future for people who only know how to take orders. You have to acquire more skills and creativity.” - Tai Lopez

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