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How can you make this the best year of your financial life? First you must understand the game of money and what it is. In this episode I go through years of research on money and break it down to you so that you. Comment and let me know how you plan on implementing what you learned into your life immediately. Also write a review on what you think of today's episode and topics you would like me to cover in the future. Remember, it is not enough to just learn, you must take what you've learned and put it into action. 

For those of you who are serious about accelerating your learning curve, I put together a more advanced course on how to revolutionize your financial life. I have had a few thousand people go through the program now and have been getting constant testimonials on how the course has changed their lives. One of the first people I let in became a millionaire by the age of 19. I only let in a limited number of people at one time but if your are interested in more information go to this link:

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