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A lot of you are probably interested in self-help. One of the best idea's  in self help comes from Socrates who said "Know Thyself". 


Here are 3 ways to know yourself:


1. It's not natural


2. Some of what you think about yourself will be delusional and some of that is ok


3. Define what areas you need to know about yourself


Do you know yourself?

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I just talked with John Lee, self made millionaire, about how to he made his money. He thinks that you become a millionaire in your mind before you actually become a millionaire in the real world. 

You need to get in a mental positive loop to reach your goals.

I really agree with something else he said, "pay for the best advice you can afford, because you will lose more money on your mistakes."

I talk about that in Step #19, " & The $32,000 Brain Budget." Check it out here:

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