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One of the keys to building momentum on your path to wealth is to guard your time carefully. As Peter Drucker says in his book, the Effective Executive, 'Know Thy Time." Donald Trump says hiring a great assistant was the best decision he ever made. In today's Book of the Day review, I'll share more insights on why investing in your time the right way will make all the difference in the world for you. For more insight, check out my site at

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Check out my new video with UFC heavyweight, Brendan Schaub. You don't need to be a fight fan to learn from his massive insight and why seeing yourself as an underdog is key to your growth. Darwin said it's not the strongest that survive, and it's not the most intelligent. It's the most adaptable to the situation. The certainty bias in our brain is one of the 25 cognitive biases, and it's a killer. Trust me, you don't want to succumb to that bias.

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