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“People love people that subconsciously remind them of themselves. Narcissists love narcissists.” - Tai Lopez

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We all want to change our situations.

But often times, we don’t have the skills necessary to initiate the shift. For whatever the reason is, we get stuck in a state of stagnation and can’t push the needle. How we overcome this blockage is by looking inward and assessing our own identity, so we can then navigate the world!

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are discussing narcissism and other personality traits. When we take personality tests, we can then decide where to push our efforts for self-improvement.

Listen to this episode to learn about key personality traits, so you can better understand the people around you!

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“If you go to entrepreneur conferences and walk into a room with 500 entrepreneurs, you are now in a room of 500 insane people.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The 6 attributes of narcissism: authority, self-sufficiency, superiority, exhibitionism, exploitativeness, vanity, entitlement
  • Read The H Factor of Personality to learn how to categorize people
  • Most narcissists don’t see themselves as narcissists
  • Extroverts like new things; introverts like routines
  • Machiavellianism is sneaky, two-faced, manipulative; linked to being bullied as a child
    • Characterized as people who pursue in an interpersonally exploitative strategy
  • Higher narcissism means higher extroversion and creativity
  • Childhood bullying is tied to higher levels of machiavellianism
  • Narcissism leads to higher levels of stress
  • Scientists say it takes the average person 67 days to break a habit
  • Conscientiousness is diligence, prudence, organization, and perfection
  • Scientists laugh at the Myers-Briggs test
  • We celebrate people with mental problems in the modern world
  • Men are more psychopathic than women
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