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“The older generation shows us what toughness truly is” - Tai Lopez

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Will Durant said, “A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean.” This means that, at the beginning of a nation’s lifespan, it’s citizens are tough. They understand the true meaning of difficulty and stress. They don’t stress out over the small things in life, because they have bigger things to worry about. They’re tough, and they find a way to turn a horrible situation into something great.

But as the nation continues in prosperity, its citizens turn epicurean. The focus turns to luxury and materialism. As this happens, smaller and smaller difficulties stress citizens, until the toughness level has decreased to the point where everyone is so weak-willed that tiny difficulties can destroy them.

Experience difficulties. Toughen yourself up, and teach yourself that you can truly handle difficulties, and come out on top! Instead of running from difficulties, embrace them as opportunities to toughen yourself.

“Give kids access to tools to help them make money instead of materialistic things” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean
  • The older generation shows us what toughness truly is
  • America used to be full of tough people who could handle true difficulties
  • People in today’s society stress over very small things
  • You should want things that are difficult, not run from them. Stress is the only way you get stronger
  • Give your kids access to tools to help them make money, rather than giving them whatever material thing they happen to want at the moment
  • Find a way, through toughness and resilience, into good things
  • Do manual labor, work on a farm, live without electricity. Toughness yourself up
  • If you stress about small things, when the big problems come, you won’t be able to handle it
  • Use money as a tool to help you live an adventurous and good life
  • People like to outrage over things, but if they really, truly cared about what they are outraged about, the would show it with their actions and money
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