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“Most people are too stubborn and narcissistic to get rich” - Tai Lopez

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In order to be successful, you will have to learn how to efficiently and effectively manage yourself. This means you need to look into your daily schedule, find out what you are doing with your time, and then be purposeful about allocating that time to the specific activities that will move you forward toward your goals.

Today I’m going through how I break up my day, why I focus on just a few large chunks instead of many small chunks, as well as a deep dive into what you should look for in the very first business you start.

“Learn and employ the power of delegation” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Most people are too stubborn and narcissistic to get rich
  • A highly efficient routine in your day is important to earning more
  • Learn and employ the power of delegation
  • Emphasize efficiency
  • Have an efficient system for taking notes
  • Know how to efficiently learn
  • Knowing how to manage yourself is one of the most important things that you will learn
  • Imagine that a camera is on you all day. Would you be proud of what people would see in the video?
  • If you are focused on other people, or commenting on other people’s social media, you will not have attention and time left to be successful
  • Don’t get too fancy and specific with your daily routine. Don’t chunk too small
  • At the beginning of your day, figure out the specific 3-5 things you really need to do that day
  • Major in majors, and minor in minors
  • Do the most important thing you do in a day, first thing
  • Be careful about highly regulated industries. It takes away some of your control
  • Pure hard work is not enough. You NEED more than that to be successful
  • Start your first business as an easier endeavor. You can try harder, fancier businesses later

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