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“I saw Hitler. It was outside. I thought he was crazy. The way he talked. Anyone who sees him knows he’s crazy.”

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You can either learn history from a primary or secondary source.

With a secondary source, you’ll get the distanced bullet points: what year the war started, how many people died, which political parties ruled, and all those other dry details you need for your history test. With a primary source, however, you’re able to gain direct access into the emotion of that time period.

And right now, in the year 2017, the number of primary resources available for World War II is becoming increasingly smaller.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are fortunate to be joined by a primary source, Tai’s grandmother. At 99 years old, she has lived through multiple world wars, and today we are gathering her firsthand account of the global climate. Her wisdom and insight on political and social issues has us thinking about how to see the world in the right way.

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“All wars are terrible. Maybe you could get together, but you couldn’t with Hitler. He thought he could win the world.”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Tai’s grandma’s best friend was Melita Maschmann, author of Account Rendered: A Dossier on my Former Self
  • There were close but unsuccessful assassination attempts on Hitler
  • Having students teach each other in groups, based on talent-level, has stronger education benefits
  • Language should be taught with speaking and understanding content, not by learning grammar rules
  • The elites were able to bypass the draft, lower socioeconomic classes were the ones drafted
  • People aren’t hiding who they are in the beginning of marriage; rather, it takes time for the full picture to be revealed
  • Think about how you can drive a car with a license; but no screening is required to have kids


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