The Tai Lopez Show

I just interviewed Tim Grover about his book, "Relentless: From Good To Great To Unstoppable."

All I have to say is... read his book. You can grab a copy of it here:

Trust me...

Tim talks about the three different levels of people:
A Cooler, Closer, and Cleaner.

Coolers are individuals that will deliver the end result that you ask for, but they will not do anything exceptional. They will not give you anything more or anything less. You know what they're capable of doing, and what they're not capable of doing.

Closers can get you the end result as long as there aren't too many variables thrown at them. As long as they have a plan to follow, they will deliver the result that you desire.

Then there are those that are exceptional at what they do...

A Cleaner is an individual that will get you the end result that you need EVERY single time. They are so in tune with their instincts that they're able to not overthink in high pressured situations. Everything becomes less of a reaction and more of a reflex.

Michael Jordan was a Cleaner. He delivered a championship every time his team made it into the NBA finals.

Michael is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and it's not only because he was elite at the end of games; he consistently played at the highest level.

Are you a Cooler, Closer, or a Cleaner?