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What's really being said? How does the person across from you truly feel about you? You have the option of physically listening to what the other person is saying; but science has proved that the words someone says only accounts for about 7% of what they're actually communicating. So what about the other 93%? Well that manifests itself in posture, eye contact, and tonality amongst other things. However, it's not until you understand and learn to interpret the other methods of communicating that you'll really understand how somebody feels about you or the situation. So that hot girl's number that you got at the club but didn't text back. Or that business deal that you were certain you were going to close but didn't show for the next appointment. You'll be able to see these situations coming, and possibly even avoid them, if you understand these few tricks on how to read body language. Enjoy today's podcast, and make sure you leave a review on your thoughts about today's episode.

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