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“Beauty can function somewhat like an irrationally exuberant market bubble” - Richard Prum

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The evolutionary view of beauty has traditionally been that humans evolved a sense of what was beautiful based on practically. We’re often taught that things like the waist to hip ratio are a long-ingrained sign of fertility to men, which is why we find them attractive.

My guest today, Richard Prum, has a different view. He says that beauty can be viewed more as an “irrationally exuberant financial market bubble.” In other words, it’s not so cut and dry, and natural selection has led each of us, within our own cultures, to develop a sense of what we consider attractive, not dependent on the practicality of evolutionary considerations.

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“Beauty is a social contrivance. It’s invented by us” - Richard Prum

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Certain aspects of science seem to be completely unexplainable
  • Beauty can function somewhat like an irrationally exuberant market bubble
  • Beauty is a social contrivance. It’s invented by us
  • Humans are evolved to be satisfied, and to find satisfying relationships
  • The evolutionary idea of beauty being practical neglects some of the concepts of natural selection in the human animal
  • In society, it could be argued that it is actually women who are defining the idea of beauty more than men
  • The idea of machismo and dominance as the core of attraction is deeply flawed and a cause of unhappiness
  • Get in touch with the idea of what it means to be really caring for your partner
  • Human diversity is a result of the diversity of mate-choice, therefore standards of beauty can be far different across cultures
  • The men who are most attractive tend to be socially attentive
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