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Most people in the world have the wrong mindset toward what is holding them back. In the majority of cases, you’re not being held back by the government, the system, or any of the things that people most commonly like to blame. You’re being held back by you.

While there are certainly instances where this is not the case, they are rare, and the idea that you are responsible for your own destiny should be freeing, and exciting to you! While it’s easier to blame all of your problems on other people and other things outside of your control, the better, more freeing and more practical route is to take responsibility for your life, identify the things that you can change in your life, and then get to work changing them!

Points to Keep In Mind

  • It’s rarely the government that is holding you back
  • 9 times out of 10 its people who hold themselves back
  • It’s easier to take the victim route rather than taking responsibility, which is why most people do it
  • Government isn’t the primary reason you will fail or succeed. You are the primary reason
  • Even in repressive governments, some rise up more than others
  • What made great figures in society so great is the way they handled themselves. It was not the circumstances around them


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“Did you do everything possible you could do to maximize your success?” - Tai Lopez

“Nobody cares about you as much as you, so you’re the best person to help you out.” - Tai Lopez

“If you play the victim, you ARE the victim.” - Tai Lopez

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