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“You MUST know what motivates you. This is the most important” - Tai Lopez

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Almost everybody would like to be making more money, if they’re completely honest with themselves. But there are so many mindset problems that people have around money, how it’s made, and how you can get more of it.

Most importantly, you MUST know what motivates you, and be very clear about it. If you’re motivated by fast cars, great, use that! If you’re motivating by doing good, great, us that! With the correct motivation, you could do a lot more than you are doing, so the reality is that motivation is often a major missing piece of the puzzle.

In addition, don’t make the common mistake of equating hard work with money. The hardest workers in the world are not the richest. There’s simply not a correlation. Learn how to use tools effectively, be smart, and be willing to put in the hard work. But look at the hard work as just one aspect. The input (hard work) should be minimized and the output maximized.

Learn how to upgrade your mindset around money to make more of it on this episode of the Tai Lopez Show!

“Retrain your mind to see hard things as how hard they ACTUALLY are, and not more” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • You MUST know what motivates you. This is the most important
  • Think of yourself as an investor, and study investing
  • You can always find reasons why you don’t think you can make money, but there are also always examples of people in your circumstances that are making money
  • The people who make the most money are simple about their motivation
  • You will get paid according to the difficulty of the problems you solve
  • Train yourself to keep things absolute, to keep from turning something small into a big problem
  • Retrain your mind to see hard things as how hard they ACTUALLY are, and not more
  • Working hard does not correlate with wealth
  • The goal is not to maximize input, but rather to maximize output
  • Better tools beat harder work every time
  • If you are feeling burnt out, it’s a sign that you’re doing it wrong


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