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“A lack of the skills of “business-savvy” is the most common constraint to business growth and success” - Tai Lopez

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Entrepreneurs and business-owners tend to have a misinformed and wrong idea of what exactly is holding them back in business. The most common thought process if that if they had morning money, they could make the business work.

But the truth is that most people are far more business-savvy constrained than money-constrained. The high-earners in the world put large amounts of time and effort into learning through reading, listening to smart people, going to conferences, and other activities.

The world is far more competitive than most people realize when it comes to having the knowledge and skill-sets for making money. Warren Buffett reads 250-1,000 pages every day, and there are many high-earners just like him to who are consuming that much information, to help them grow businesses and create revenue. This is your competition, so focus on building skill-sets!

But, in case you are at the point where you truly do require money for business-growth, this episode will teach you how to raise it from investors.

“People tend to be far more culture-savvy than business-savvy” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • In today's society, it does take a certain amount of money to make money
  • A lot of people think that they’re capital constrained, when there is really something else holding them back
  • A lack of the skills of “business-savvy” is the most common constraint to business growth and success
  • Most people think they have business-savvy, but few people do
  • People tend to be far more culture-savvy than business-savvy, which is much less practical
  • A lot of people don’t realize how competitive the modern world is
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