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“Positivity is essential to good parenting”

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Caleb Maddix stopped by the house to talk about success. He’s 14 years old, has already made $100,000, and on today’s episode he’s talking about the key concepts and ideas that brought him success at such an early age.

We’re talking about how to motivate kids to succeed, why people need to stop planning to do things “someday” and instead do them now, how to develop a hunger to learn, why curiosity is key, and why completion is the most essential part of anything you do!

“Develop a hunger to learn”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Motivate and incentivize your kids to succeed and continually improve themselves
  • Kids shouldn’t be paid for chores, because adults aren’t. They should do that as part of the family
  • Positivity is essential to good parenting
  • Put emphasis on reading the right books in parenting
  • Stop saying you’re going to do something some day. Do it now, take action
  • Focus on a specific dollar number you want to make
  • Develop a hunger to learn
  • You can learn a lot by studying history
  • The fastest way to learn is to click every button. Curiosity is how you become smart
  • People tend to not be curious enough about the things they see and interact with everyday
  • Completion is one of the most important parts of any task, and the part too many people skip
  • Succeeding in life requires a diverse skill set, not just focus on one thing
  • Focus on practice: Reps and sets, continual repetition and practice

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