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“Sell to the willing. Figure out through polling what people really want” - Tai Lopez

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This is a recording from some of my time at the Bulletproof conference. I talked a lot about health, but we also dig into why marketing is really more about vibes and then science, how retargeting is really just scaling relationship marketing, which is the most effective type of marketing, how the human brain is risk-averse and why this makes us avoid new things, and why you must optimize your body for stress reduction.

If you want to be able to live the fullest life possible, you must optimize your health, and this episode is full of tips and tricks to do just that.

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“Marketing is about vibes, not pure logic” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Sell to the willing. Figure out through polling what people really want
  • Don’t just ask, give people a few options and have them choose
  • Mix entertainment into everything. Consider: 50% entertaining, 50% educational
  • Most people have to see you ten times before they’ll buy from you
  • Relationships marketing works, and retargeting is a way of scaling relationship marketing
  • Marketing is about vibes, not pure logic
  • The human brain is risk-averse, that’s why they try to avoid new things
  • If you want to change your life, try taking a nap every day
  • You can’t optimize your body with optimizing stress reduction
  • Supplements work, but not as quickly as you think
  • Optimize life for adventure in every day
  • Most people are either too stubborn or too sensitive. Either is a problem
  • As soon as you make your first $1 million, there’s someone waiting to steal it from you
  • Business is like war, and you should make war with a multitude of advisors
  • Put your phone in airplane mode when you sleep
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