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“Paralysis by over analysis is a global epidemic” - Tai Lopez

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Everyone has great ideas. But ideas are nothing without implementation, and today’s episode is all about how to go from idea to reality. There are three very important steps to go from concept to reality, and you will learn about them on this episode.

But one of the most important, earliest steps, is the ability to get excited before getting started. While a lot of people can do this, many cannot, and it is essential to success. The reason for this is because understanding what motivates you, what excites you, and what makes you want to work, is the understanding that will help you achieve great things.

Learn more about how to take an idea all the way to reality and achieve success on today’s episode.

“A great trainer not only educates, but to instill motivation to carry through” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want
  • Paralysis by over analysis is a global epidemic
  • A great training not only educates, but to instill motivation to carry through
  • You must have the ability to generate excitement before you have started something
  • In order to overcome your natural “brain budgeting,” you have to overcome the concept that something is going to be hard in your mind
  • You must have the ability to create a prototype of any idea, to make sure your idea is good. Prototypes will save you from bankruptcy
  • Pre-sell your idea
  • You can’t fix stupid
  • Keep an eye on google trends to be ahead of the curve
  • Be careful about what connotations you set up for yourself with different things. The right associations will set you up for success
  • The school system has not progressed into the modern world
  • Avoid people with extreme ideologies and opinions
  • Learn from everyone, but pick and choose what you learn
  • Learn from other people through mentorships and apprenticeships
  • Pick arbitrary goals in life, and then follow through! You will gain momentum and confidence through achieving goals, even if they are arbitrary
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