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“I understand there’s a hierarchy. I don’t care that my mom told me I’m special. I understand that this person’s more special than me in this area, so I am going to listen to what they have to say.” - Tai Lopez

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Becoming the best is not rocket science.

If you hang around someone great and ask questions, then pretty soon you will be adopting their habits via osmosis. This is how humans learn, but the education system makes us believe learning has to involve classrooms and memorization.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are taking a close look at how to be great. It’s something we all want but don’t know how to achieve. The good news is that the formula is simple but requires that we check our egos at the door and reflect honestly on why we haven’t achieved greatness just yet. Once we complete this step, the sky’s the limit.

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“Your life changes the day you say enough is enough.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Recognize who is great and take notes of what they did to get to their level
  • All problems are rooted in stubbornness; there are 4 types of stubbornness
    • Sensitivity: having too thin of skin
    • Sensual: being addicted to feeling good
    • Stupidity: not having the IQ to seek out advice/expert opinion
    • Self-importance: thinking your way is the best
  • Prevent injuries: Lebron James spends $1 million/year on his body; spend the $10 on a mousepad that prevents carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The school system doesn’t teach us how to organize our day
  • Conscientiousness is most important, defined as a combination of organization, diligence, prudence, and perfectionism


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