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“Your goals and prizes should be tangible” - Tai Lopez

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Very few people understand the the risk/reward bias in human brains, and how it can hold you back from achieving what you want to achieve.

Many people have an inaccurate understanding of the amount of pain, or work, that it will take for them to achieve their goals, as compared to the amount of happiness it will bring them when they finally do achieve those goals.

This is why humans procrastinate.

If they really understood the value, to them, of achieving what they were striving for in all its detail, they would not procrastinate but would be motivated to do the amount of work necessary to achieve that goal.

This episode shows you how you can change that subsconscious misunderstanding in your own life, to help you overcome the instinct to procrastinate, and rather get down to work creating the life of your dreams!

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“Change your perception of the reward/pain ratio, and understand how worth it the pain is” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Your goals and prizes should be tangible
  • The best way to avoid procrastination is to stop thinking about the work, and start thinking about the thing you want
  • People’s tendency to procrastinate comes from a misunderstanding of the pain to reward ratio
  • Find a way to really see, and keep constantly on your mind, your goals and the reason why you are working hard to achieve them
  • Don’t make things too complicated with different theories, ideas and techniques. Just focus on the end game
  • Change your perception of the reward/pain ratio, and understand how worth it the pain is
  • Build associations with rewards for the work that you do
  • Don’t focus as much on the process as compared with getting down to real, hard work
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