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“The reality is when you first start something you’re gonna suck. But if you keep doing it, the less and less you’re gonna suck and eventually you’ll be good.” - Russell Brunson

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Starting a business once required a lot of time, money, and energy.

But today, if you have an idea for a business, you can launch it almost immediately. Gone are the times of needing to write a business plan and get investments before discovering if your idea fits into the market. Now, in less than an hour, you could find a product source online, open a web store, and begin selling your idea.

Today we are joined by Russell Brunson, owner of, a website-builder that has sales funnels cooked into it so that you can do one thing very easily and well: get customers landing on your website immediately. This was the problem Russell wanted to solve. He, like many of us, had hundreds of business ideas buzzing in his head and wanted to streamline the process to getting a product into the market.

Learn about Russell’s path to building a 9-digit SaaS company on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show!

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“People who buy stuff buy stuff. If someone’s not willing to give me $5 for shipping & handling, they’re never going to give me $100/month for software.” - Russell Brunson

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • “Winnow the wheat from the chaf” - find the customers who will pay by setting up payment walls and go after those that make it past them
  • Extrovert + introvert make best business partners - read Working Together by Michael Eisner if seeking advice on business partnership
  • Best headline: How To [Insert Good Thing] Without [Insert Bad Thing]
    • People are motivated by reward and avoidance of pain - hitting both of those is a double psychological bias, called the Lollapalooza Effect
  • Put $10 in Facebook ads behind videos of you endorsing your product - those who don’t make content lose
  • Email campaigns will never be replaced
  • Good copywriting isn’t just the right words. It’s putting the right things in the right place
  • The most powerful word in the English language is “imagine”
  • To be able to sell to the masses, you have to understand people’s false beliefs and shatter them
    • The three false beliefs people have are about: 1) their need for the product, 2) their internal ability to use the product, and then 3) how external factors will influence their use of the product
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