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You have probably heard that you have to rely on yourself and not others. Or that you should have enough inner power to be strong on your own. In today's Book-Of-The-Day I discuss a book that debunks this mentality and a lot of the group think that you and I learned growing up. 


"The Power of Others: Peer Pressure, Groupthink, and How the People Around Us Shape Everything We Do" by Michael Bond shares the newest research that we will be happiest when we have a lot of friends. But the key is that they have to be an exact type of friend to really help you find the good life.


In 2008, 2 social scientists, Christakis & Fowler found that, "... most people will not be surprised that people with more friends are happier, but what really matters is whether those friends are happy."


The book also explains, "Four decades of research into how people decide to do what they do has shown that we are highly susceptible to the winds of social influence - indeed it is impossible to escape them, short of living in hermitic isolation (and even that may not immunize us...)."


Listen in as I explain the detailed nuances of what you will need to know to improve your social life.


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