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Ask yourself: What is the worst attitude that you can have? The attitude that will sabotage basically every plan, every hope, and every dream that you have?

I talk about this in step #67 in the 67 steps, watch it here

Today's book of the day is "Devil at My Heels: A Heroic Olympian's Astonishing Story of Survival as a Japanese POW in World War II" by Louis Zamperini.


I would say it's probably being a victim.


That's where we can learn a lot from Louis Zamperini. 


Louis is a man's man. 


After representing the United States at the Olympics, he fought in World War II where he became a POW, survived the Japanese shooting at him, fought off a Great White Shark for 2 days and lost 100 lbs surviving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 47 days with no water. 


In fact I'm super sad he recently died at 97 about a week after we set up an interview with him here in L.A. I really missed out on a legend.


Pick your friends wisely, become the kind of friend you want.


Don't be a victim. Keep it in check my friend.


What's your end game goal? Write it right here.


Tell me about your victimhood and how your'e going to get rid of it.


Write it right here on the page whether it's Youtube or


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Remember: Never be a zombie. Never chase a mirage. Be like Louis Zamperini

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