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“The true value of anything is: The present value of future revenue” - Tai Lopez

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There are many different ways to go about the process of multiplying the money that you have, but the foundational first step is to begin to save. Americans on average save somewhere between -1% and 5%, which is far too little to make very good progress in building wealth.

But, after you have instilled the habits of saving required to be able to multiply your money and turn it into a significantly larger amount. Today I’m walking you through 9 ways to turn the money you have into much more, and going through some of the details involved in all of these methods.

While you do not have to have money to make money, it certainly is one of the fastest ways to go about it, and today you will learn the techniques you need to know to be able to multiply your money.

“The stock market is half real, and half based entirely on publicity” -Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • The true value of anything is: The present value of future revenue
  • Apartments allow you to diversify your income
  • When you have both cashflow and equity in a project, that is the best diversification
  • The average savings rate is between -1% - 5%
  • The ability to save significant amounts will allow you to employ the below strategies to begin with. That is the foundation for the 9 ways
  • The stock market is half real, and half based entirely on publicity
  • Find ways to mix together the different ways listed below
  • If you’re not in a dominant position, don’t try to take a dominant stance in negotiation
  • Always take into consideration not exclusively what will make you the most money, but also what you will enjoy doing
  • Not having enough money is often used as an excuse, when there are almost always ways around it
  • You can expect cycles in markets every 4 years or so, with some level of “crash” around the 8 year period
  • In money, understand the natural progression of risk to return: The higher the return, the higher the risk usually
  • Always look for ways to make money beyond your own energy
  • Think about money like baseball: You don’t always need a homerun to win, singles get you ahead over time

9 Ways to Multiply Your Money

  1. Business/entrepreneurship
    1. Sales jobs
    2. E-commerce
    3. Physical
    1. Real estate
    2. Gold/Silver
    3. Commodities
  2. Hard assets
    1. Currencies
    2. Crypto
    3. The stock market
  3. Intangibles
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