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“Don’t outsource marketing. Only you will understand you and your business in the intricate and intimate way that’s necessary to convey a marketing message.” - Tai Lopez

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It’s your duty to find your superpower and figure out a way to market it to the world.

But laziness, procrastination, and every other excuse in the book prevent us from achieving that. We tell ourselves stories that are convincing enough in the moment to justify sitting on the couch instead of burning the midnight oil chipping away at our dreams. But our awareness of this pattern is the first step to changing the reality.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we have an audio diary that covers the mechanics of this behavior. If you struggle to find motivation or want to solve your laziness, then today’s episode will not only shed light on what wires need to be recircuited but how you can go about fixing them.

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“Reach down, find your differentiating superpower (small or large), and ride that as far as you can go.” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Go on retreats to catch up on reading, writing, thinking, projects, or anything
    • Travel 50-100 miles away from house to a rural place
    • Bring members of your team or go solo
  • The anxiety around procrastination is the root of laziness
    • Instead of thinking about the pain of doing something, just do it
    • In a sense become a robot by thinking the task is your duty
  • Studies show procrastination can be rooted in a fear of isolation
    • Tackle it in a group/social structure or don’t view it as so isolating
  • Don’t outsource marketing
  • Be careful how you judge others without personal interaction
  • The best marketing advice is to be you
  • Whenever you do sales or marketing, people live to find objections with it
  • There’s 4 types of stubborness: self-importance, sensitivity, sensuality, and stupidity
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