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“In order for me to be happy in life, I have to have two things: changing the world at scale and having fun. And it’s a constant rebalancing.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Everyone has an opinion on Bitcoin.

Some think it’s fairy dust, and others feel like they know the magnitude of what’s coming. Regardless of who is speaking, a cryptocurrency conversation will have a range of perspective and conviction.

But the truth is, that to understand cryptocurrency, you have to immerse yourself in conversations with expert opinions. They are the ones closest to the action, so their perspective is the one we must check all rumors and news headlines against.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by crypto-expert, Jeremy Gardner. Since 2012, Jeremy has had front-row seats to all things crypto-related. He is the founder of the decentralized prediction blockchain Augur, which at a market-cap of $300 million is said to be the most undervalued crypto-project in Silicon Valley. He is also the brains behind San Francisco’s ‘Crypto Castle,’ a residence for crypto-experts to live, meet, and converse. Jeremy’s diverse crypto-resumé qualifies him as a premier resource in understanding how each technology informs our investment decisions.

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“The whole crypto market is based off of speculative value right now. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sell. It can still continue to go up exponentially.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Bitcoin assets can be undervalued and in a bubble at the same time
  • Ripple is a chain of ledgers designed to transfer large sums of money between financial institutions with more liquidity and speed
  • Rebalancing a portfolio is checking your assets against your investment thesis
  • When investing in tech, have a thesis about both the technology and the value of the technology
    • Unless your thesis on the technology (as opposed to the value of the technology) changes, you should always be rebalancing your portfolio
  • Algorithmic trading is the only way to trade; you will get burnt on sentiment analysis and social media alone, you need machine-learning
  • Only invest in long-term value
  • Be skeptical of any crypto company with a $1 billion valuation and a centralized team
  • Businesses are either parasitic (exploiting others) or symbiotic (helping others) or anywhere in between
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