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“Crypto and Bitcoin assets can go down 90% tomorrow, and they’ll still be higher than their all-time high a year ago.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Cryptocurrency isn’t just about Bitcoin.

There’s Stellar, Eos, Steem, Salt, and many more blockchains, tokens, technologies, and coins to bet on. Sure, Bitcoin’s price is a reliable glimpse into the market’s pulse on cryptocurrency, but if you’re looking to invest in any of the alternative crypto technologies, research beyond Bitcoin is required.

Luckily, on today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by the expert on alternative crypto technologies. Jeremy Gardner is the founder of the decentralized prediction blockchain Augur, which at a market-cap of $300 million is said to be the most undervalued crypto-project in Silicon Valley. Jeremy specializes in evaluating each crypto from an unbiased point of view. His thorough understanding of how each technology works and fits into the greater landscape will help us navigate more nuanced investment decisions.

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“People remember what you were right about not what you were wrong about.” - Jeremy Gardner

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • When investing in tech, have a thesis about both the technology and the value of the technology
    • Unless your thesis on the technology changes (as opposed to the value of the technology) you should always be rebalancing your portfolio
  • Algorithmic trading is the only way to trade; you will get burnt on sentiment analysis and social media alone, you need machine-learning
  • Only invest in long-term value
  • Be skeptical of any $1 billion + crypto company valuation without real world application
  • Net neutrality will just cause the Internet to innovate, a Web 3.0
  • No better place to learn than Twitter; brilliant people having conversations in real time
  • ‘Proof of stake’ vs. ‘proof of work’ when evaluating mining technologies
    • Proof of stake is less computationally intensive
  • 70% of applications don’t need censorship-resistance


  • Stellar is an open-source protocol for value exchange
  • Iota is a very scalable blockchain for Internet Of Things (IOT) and supply chain
    • Can handle mass transactions
  • Ethereum is the technology many cryptos are built on top of in the real-world
  • Neo is the Chinese Ethereum, not recommended
  • Quantum over Neo because of real-world application
  • Steem is a crypto Reddit, runs on the Eos network which can handle mass transactions
  • Salt helps you secure cash from your cryptocurrency
  • Eos is more decentralized but less censorship-resistant
    • Can take tens of thousands of CC transactions per year
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