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“Our job as marketers is to break people’s false beliefs. How you do this is by telling personal stories of when you had that same false belief be broken.” - Russell Brunson

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This past week was filled with some of the best knowledge-dropping ever witnessed on The Tai Lopez Show. From Russell Brunson sharing how to make $100 million by marketing to the masses to Brock Pierce explaining the nuts & bolts of cryptocurrency to Jay Samit showing us why augmented reality will take over the world, this week’s interviews deserve a second look, and today we’re taking the time to recap some of the best moments.

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“Augmented reality technology will enable us to have access to all of mankind’s knowledge up until that point, so that we can make the best decision possible every time.” - Jay Samit

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Be excited when people shoot your ideas down
    • Stubbornness or sensitivity will kill you, you can either be right or rich
  • Become the Steven Spielberg of telling the movie that is your brand
    • If you have a family business, show pictures of your family on your website
  • People buy into people: Steve Jobs said buy into me, not Apple
  • Look at your website analytics and figure out how to tell a simple story
  • Make content and put a little money behind in ads to figure out your voice
  • Just start: there’s few things in this world you do more than once that you get worse at
  • To be able to sell to the masses, you have to understand people’s false beliefs and shatter them
    • The three false beliefs people have are about: 1) their need for the product, 2) their internal ability to use the product, and then 3) how external factors will influence their use of the product
  • Get the customer to trust you, then your company, then the product (in that order)
  • Augmented reality will empower the older, wiser generations to help inform the machine-learning software to grow smarter
  • If you put $100 into cryptocurrency in 2010, you would have $100 million right now
  • There are many ways to make money if you find a market nobody’s looking at  
  • Confucius said: “The man who chases two rabbits catches none.”
  • When hiring, view talent as talent
    • A genius maid will be better at marketing than someone who thinks he/she is a genius at marketing
  • The reason people build a personal brand is because the one thing you can differentiate for sure is your personal brand.
  • Use personality questionnaires when hiring to understand people (ex: STAR)
    • S is Structure/System: the engineer, person who builds the bridge
    • T is Thinker: the strategist, person who foresees problems with the bridge
    • A is Action: the visionary, person thinking about the next bridge/solution
    • R is Relationship: the synergist, person who keeps people together
  • Cryptocurrency is currently in an emotional market based on sentiment being driving force of prices
  • A good teacher transfers knowledge to you, not tells you what to do
  • A huge investment sector will break out once real estate goes to blockchain technology, (“I want to buy $100 of that house”)
  • Read the Innovator’s Dilemma to learn how the incumbent gets disrupted by the startup
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