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“If the PC changed the world. And then the Web changed the world. And then mobile changed the world. Then augmented reality is exponentially bigger because all of those feed into it.” - Jay Samit

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It wasn’t just the miners who got rich during the Gold Rush.

It was the apparel companies, the shovel manufacturers, the restaurants and bars in the area; with any trillion dollar industry comes the opportunity for many million dollar businesses to pop up. Augmented reality is the next trillion dollar industry, and it’s time you carve out your portion of the pie.

On today’s episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by Jay Samit, the bestselling author of Disrupt You! to educate us on how to disrupt the augmented reality world. He is the Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte, and his experience in technology spans across many different industries. His insights on how technology disrupts industry will help you carve out your million-dollar niche in augmented reality before anyone else does.

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“Every month there’s a new self-made billionaire. They didn’t go to the right schools, they don’t come from the right families, but they are looking at how the world changes and how to seize an opportunity from that change.” - Jay Samit

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Pick a competitor-free industry and stake your claim as the world’s expert
  • When dinosaurs fight for turf, be the mammal that sneaks in and carves out a corner
  • Augmented reality isn’t just about adding to the environment, it’s about subtracting
  • Examples of new AR technologies: software that can tell if a person’s gait is suspicious or if body temperature is high/at risk for ebola
  • Big opportunity with AR to bypass employee training and equip new-hires with technology that makes them a professional (ex: electricians)
  • Lots of opportunity in the UI/UX of AR-technologies
  • Moore’s Law says the price of AR or any tech will halve each year
  • AR integrates perfectly with cryptocurrency  
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