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“Pay attention to trends. What I do know, is that I’ve never met somebody born in April who I haven’t gotten along with. It’s not 100% perfect science, but there is something there.” - Patrick Bet-David

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Hiring is one of the greatest challenges in growing a business.

How do you know who to hire? What defines a good candidate? Is it focus? Charisma? Technical ability? Obviously it depends on the position and ideally you'd want the best of all worlds, but that’s hard to achieve and compromise has to be made.

So the real challenge becomes understanding people. To hire right requires knowing what types of people are required to succeed, what types of people you’re currently employing, and thus, what type of person you need to hire.

On today's episode of The Tai Lopez Show, we are joined by Patrick Bet-David, Founder and CEO of PHP Agency, and also the face of his personal brand Valuetainment. Patrick fled Iran at age 10 and stayed in a refugee camp in Germany before eventually landing in America. He now runs a multi-million dollar insurance company, and today he provides us with his views on the types of people required to launch and grow a successful company.

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“Once an introvert believes, you have to get out of their way. They’re gonna get what they want.” - Patrick Bet-David

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Use personality questionnaires when hiring to understand people (ex: STAR)
    • S is Structure/System: the engineer, person who builds the bridge
    • T is Thinker: the strategist, person who foresees problems with the bridge
    • A is Action: the visionary, person thinking about the next bridge/solution
    • R is Relationship: the synergist, person who keeps people together
  • When interviewing, find the interviewees point of motivation to take action
    • If it’s it not there, do not hire that person
  • The wealthiest people in the world are mostly introverts
  • You can judge a lot by how long someone works with their family
  • Shadowing people is the most important lesson in business
  • Hire people with fire and ambition
    • Personality is secondary
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