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“We built a tribe of people who have a shared belief, a vision, that they’re going somewhere.” - Russell Brunson

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This past week was filled with highlights on The Tai Lopez Show, and today we’re taking a second to recap some of the best moments. From learning strategies on how to drive online traffic to understanding the ins and outs of credit card perks to reframing our understanding of branding as a tribe’s movement - this week saw guests Neil Patel, Stephen Liao, Lavar Ball, and Russell Brunson take our knowledge to the next level.

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“You don’t have to get customers with Google Trends. If it’s up and coming, that means everyone is Googling it. If you create the product, you can make a ton of money.” - Neil Patel

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Use Google Trends to find what holes are in the market with little competition
  • Get certified on Google Adwords and use YouTube to learn how to do Facebook Ads
  • Don’t act like a stranger (“Nice to e-meet you!”) in cold-emails to CEO. If he/she forwards internally, the new point-of-contact will assume you two know each other
  • Establish relationships with banks by paying 90-100% of your credit card payment. This will make the time when you need to do a CLI (credit card line increase) easier
  • For those under 18, get authorized on your parents/relatives’ cards to inherit rapport with banks
  • In marketing, tell the stories necessary to break people’s false beliefs
  • Introverts can still make great content despite what they might think.
  • Extrovert + introvert make best business partners - read Working Together by Michael Eisner if seeking advice on business partnership
  • Real estate is where dumb people get rich
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