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“Creativity must be taught for effective entrepreneurship”

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The education system is simply not set up well to prepare young entrepreneurs for the real life of entrepreneurship. If I wanted to list all the ways that the educational system is failing entrepreneurs, we would be here all day.

So instead, I’m giving you 3 important aspects of education that anyone who wants to go into entrepreneurship should focus on, to be setup for optimal success. Whether you’re currently an entrepreneur or just looking into it, this episode is going to show you what you need to learn to be prepared for the fast moving and unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

“The myth of the solo entrepreneur is not practical”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Creativity must be taught for effective entrepreneurship
  • In order to be creative, you sometimes have to zoom out and look less at what is practical
  • Set aside specific times where you become extra creative and not as practical
  • Learn how to manage labor
  • The myth of the solo entrepreneur is not practical
  • Learn how to read people, to know what issues might arise when you’re bringing someone new onto a team
  • Learn the skill of staying balanced
  • Work on developing a wide, eclectic range of knowledge, through a variety of educational sources
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