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“Don’t overestimate your own intelligence” - Tai Lopez

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Many people want to know how to make money on social media, and today’s episode is a deep dive on how to do just that. We cover a lot of ground, from why social media is a necessary tool, how to judge when it is ok to lose money for a time or when you need to aggressively guard against that, why and how to keep track of trends, and much more.

If you’re goal is to make more money online and through social media, this episode is for you. Take notes and implement to see real changes in your life. Also, remember, you can see the behind the scenes on all these videos if you tune in live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Periscope.

“Go straight to the top. Copy the biggest and best out there” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Social media is a necessary tool to get you free attention
  • Use social media to check the daily trends to take advantage of
  • Sometimes you have to lose money to make money
  • BUT, be extremely careful about when you are willing to lose money, and only in the long term strategy toward making money
  • Help old people with technology
  • Try asking why 3 times about everything to get to the core of what is going on
  • There are genetic reasons for different people’s worldview
  • Be very careful with zero-sum games, where someone else must lose for you to win
  • Don’t overestimate your own intelligence
  • Read “The Millionaire Next Door
  • Almost everything you’ve heard about life is wrong, especially when it comes to what will make you happy
  • Go straight to the top. Copy the biggest and best out there
  • When you make the decision to take action, you do not need to rely on luck anymore. The power of starting something will put you way ahead of most
  • Go through life with a very short checklist of things you have not done. Try a lot of things
  • Know yourself, and your strengths and weaknesses
  • Partner with people who have strengths where you have weaknesses
  • Be careful who you compare yourself to. Compare your activity level with people who do a lot, and who really want to be where you are
  • Remember to reward the best people around you
  • Make sure that you have reward structures in place that will help motivate you
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