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“Try to test 17 things every day” - Tai Lopez

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Do you want to know how to become a millionaire? Today I’m listing the 12 steps required for you to achieve millionaire status. These are the key ingredients that will take you from wherever you are right now to the millionaire lifestyle and status that many people strive.

So, let’s get into the 12 steps.

“The curious are the ones who become wealthy” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Most people in the world don’t know what they’re doing. They pretend they do, but when you look at their results, you see the truth
  • Most people are stupid and ignorant, so the opinion of the masses will lead you down the route that is diametrically opposed to logic
  • Analyze your programing to see where it’s wrong
  • Everyone has a high IQ
  • The curious are the ones who become wealthy
  • The wiring of your brain got you where you are today
  • Start businesses around things you are curious about
  • Always start businesses that take a small amount of startup capital
  • For some, ambition is what can get you away from fear and procrastination
  • Make goals that are attainable
  • If you can, try to test 17 things every day
  • The goal is not to buy with the most money, but to live the best life

12 Steps to Become a Millionaire:

  1. You must be trained on how to spot money-making opportunities
    1. Your routines are what got you where you are. If you’re not 100% happy, you need to try different things
  2. Instill money-making routines in your day
    1. Invest in assets that spin off cash. For instance, real estate, business (equity),
  3. Understand money-making passive investments
    1. Take, and have the people around you take the dark triad test. Become a master at reading people
  4. You have to understand money-making relationships
    1. As you start to make more money, primarily spend your money on: Upgrade where you live, expand traveling, upgrade your food
  5. You must learn how to have a money-making lifestyle- understand what you enjoy in life
    1. Personel
    2. Product
    3. Pricing
    4. Promotions
    5. Placement
  6. Money-making entrepreneurship: 4 P’s:
  7. You have to become a learning machine through self-education
    1. Fitness
    2. Travel
  8. Money-making happiness. Learn how to deal with having money, and have a good life with it
  9. Jobs- learn how to use a steady job, and an income flow to generate wealth
  10. Money-making execution: Too many people understand everything, but they overthink it and never execute
  11. Money-making mindset
  12. Money-making trends. You don’t have to be the first to a trend, but you can’t be the last
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