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“I thought if we’re a software company, then we’re just a commodity that will eventually get priced out. We needed to build something bigger, where people felt part of a movement.” - Russell Brunson

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The movement behind a product is more important than the product itself.

Take Apple for example. Yes they create some of the sleekest and most well-functioning products in the space, but it's not the iPhones and Macbooks that fueled the tech-giant's rise to what is now valued at over $900 billion. It's what having an iPhone or Macbook says about you.

This is the reality of today's business landscape. Brands operate as tribes, and if you own the brand's product, then you are behind that tribe’s movement or message. You’re wearing the ID badge that tells others you speak the language of that tribe, and if you see others with the same product as you, you know you can have a conversation with them.

On today’s episode, we have Russell Brunson, owner of, talking about brand tribalism. In the early days of Russell’s launch, he had ClickFunnels enthusiasts create a tribe called “FunnelHackers.” Since then, Russell has helped business owners spell out the message of their tribe as well through the use of his tool.

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“I’m a big pattern guy. If I see a pattern, I look at the pieces to understand the elements of the movement. Then I know how to amplify it.” - Russell Brunson

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • If you don’t create a movement behind your brand, you will lose to those who do
  • Apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: 1) physiological, 2) safety, 3) love/belonging, 4) esteem, and 5) self-actualization to your brand
  • Be on the lookout for what users of your product begin to call themselves - ClickFunnels users coined the term “FunnelHackers” and Russell followed by making t-shirts
  • If you succeed building a tribe, users of your product will not view your product as a tool but rather as part of their identity
    • Therefore, they will view the competition as threatening, not enticing
  • People just want to belong to something  
    • The rise of gang membership tracks with the decline of the family unit (David Buss)
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