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Only 18 hours left to let me grow your social media for you!

“Social media is responsible for the fastest growing business in history” - Tai Lopez

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Social media has turned into the most valuable asset you can build, whether for your business, or even for your personal brand. These days, social media can skyrocket your business, and some of the fastest growing businesses today rely on it for their marketing.

Today on the podcast, I am teaching you the 10 strategies that I use to grow my social media following by massive numbers every single day, so that you can do the same thing. Or, I am simply offering you the opportunity to let me grow your social media for you.

Whether you want to do it yourself, or let me do it for you, investing in social media growth is essential to your long-term success, and I am showing you exactly how to do it on this episode of The Tai Lopez Show!

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“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, so do a good job for people and they will come back” - Tai Lopez

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Social media is responsible for the fastest growing business in history
  • You must master the game of social media if you want to be successful
  • Learn and understand how to use Facebook pages
  • You can use Facebook to get followers on all of the other platforms
  • Start with a global campaign, and boost certain content with very simple call to actions, telling people to like the page
  • Starting with a global campaign allows you to get the cost per action down to a low price point
  • High follower count is important because the more you have, the easier it is for you to get more, because of the social proof of your follower count
  • 10k followers on each of the main platforms is a minimum you should shoot for to start
  • A good format is, “If you like X, like my page.” Consider adding a photo of you with X
  • If you grow your Facebook page, it becomes much more easy to grow your other platforms, especially Instagram because the ad platform is the same
  • Instagram share for share:
    • First, share somebody else’s content
    • Let them know that you did
    • Then, you can come back later and ask for them to reshare something of yours
  • While Twitter is more difficult to make money from, it is still very valuable, and often undervalued today
  • On Twitter, you have to post more often. I recommend approximately 7 times per day, and you have to post natively to Twitter, not through other platforms like Instagram
  • While more people watched Instagram stories than Snapchat, Snapchat has better user engagement
  • When a platform is difficult to grow, it can be easier to compete, if you can crack the code
  • Again, with Snapchat, you can take your Facebook followers and redirect them to follow you on Snapchat
  • Use Facebook as the anchor to grow your other social media accounts
  • Use live for powerful, intense, urgent attention
  • Social media followers are not just for your ego, they are the new way to reach people
  • Email marketing is still extremely important
  • The game of business is to invest, and social media, when done right, can have a very high return on investment
  • Social media followers are very valuable in the long term because, after you have initially paid to gain them, you can then still get in front of them continually in the future
  • You do not need to do blackhat social media activity in order to grow. You can do it the real way!
  • You can gauge the quality of your life by your level of stress when you go to bed, and when you wake up
  • Profit in business comes from repeat customers, so do a good job for people and they will come back
  • Always start out by building a relationship, and then do bigger and bigger things

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